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New Tricks on Old Dogs

After reluctantly leaving the warm surrounds of the indoor tailgate party I made my way over to Levi’s Stadium for the Foster Farms Bowl where the Huskers would take on the heavily-favored Bruins.  UCLA fans dressed in blue mixed good-naturedly with the red-clad Nebraska fans as they entered the mod…

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Cold Comfort in Santa Clara

“We agree with you. We’re about to switch to wine” said Gary. He too had noted the absence of both Foster’s and Stella Artois from the pre-game tailgate party, and sympathized with my plight. I had earlier spoken with an ex-Nebraskan living in Montana who told me that he thought that the sponsor of …

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Pre-Game Anguish

It was the day after Christmas and I had arrived at San Francisco airport just before 9am expecting to see the usual sea of red shirts prior to a Huskers game. I guess I have been spoiled all year but I should have realized that there were at least two other airports located within 30 miles of the s…

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My Bowl Runneth Over 

After living through the many twists and turns of the 2015 season and witnessing face-to-face the reactions of Coach Riley and his key players after some heartbreaking losses, in my mind last night’s exciting and hard-fought 37-29 win over UCLA in the Foster Farms Bowl could be summed …

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Tailgating Redefined

It was around this time of year in the late 90s that I first heard the term “tailgating” in connection with a football game. I was about to watch a game that had been promoted for weeks as crucial in deciding that year’s national college champion team – it may have been the Rose Bowl, if memory serv…

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Foster's: It's Australian for Beer

<b>Drop</b> <b>bears</b> prefer travellers, says study - Australian GeographicIn my self-appointed capacity as the Australian Cultural Ambassador to Nebraska, a large part of my job is to dispel the numerous myths and misconceptions held by many mid-Westerners about the mysterious Land Down Under. While of course it can’t be denied that the country’s wildlife population inclu…

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Bowl Fever

Even though the Bowl season officially gets underway tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon with the New Mexico Bowl, quickly followed by foNCAA Women's Volleyball Update, Sept 20 | volleyball-life.comur others with captivating titles such as the Camellia Bowl and the New Mexico Bowl, the attention of Nebraska fans everywhere will be focused on the NCAA National Wome…

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A-Bowlin' We Will Go!

Nebraska has never played in a bowl game after winning only 5 games during the regular season, but according to my research the Huskers once went to a bowl game after winning 6 games. This took place in 1954, during which the Huskers’ regular season record was 6-5. On January 1, 1955 the Huskers los…

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Double Dog Duty

It was an important game for the Huskers yesterday when they took on the undefeated Iowa team, and in recognition of the occasion Lily the mini Husker Hound enlisted the support of her cousin Jasmine to support the Big Red. Displaying fabulous team spirit with their matching Nebraska scarves, they w…

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California Calling

I just saw the weather forecast for the game against Iowa on Friday: 28 degrees, for heaven's sake. Those Nebraskans must be made of stern stuff to contemplate standing out in the cold like that to watch their boys in red take on the nation's fourth-ranked team. But knowing the loyalty of the home f…

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Conferences Explained

During the fourth game of the season against Southern Mississippi I had the pleasure of sitting next to a Colorado-based Nebraskan who had brought his young son along to see his very first Nebraska game. Around that time there was a lot of talk about the Huskers playing their first Big 10 game the f…

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End Zone in the Twilight Zone

At precisely 2.35pm yesterday my wife and I with our friends Kathy and Bill pulled into the parking lot at High Point Solutions Stadium and encountered a typical pre-game scene filled with red-clad fans enjoying themselves with their usual tailgating activities. Bean bags were being tossed, smoke cu…

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Shivering Showdown in New Jersey

As if the pleasantly surprising and unexpected events of last Saturday were not enough, my wife received a call last Monday from her Omaha Westside High School friend and former UNL college roommate who now lives in New Jersey, to inform her that she and her husband had just been give 4 tickets to t…

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What Was Different Last Week?

While we’re all still talking about the Huskers’ exciting and memorable win over Michigan State last Saturday, I’d like to share my observations about some of the things that were different about that last game in comparison to the games earlier in the season.

  • The Home Crowd

Maybe it …

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Characters Revealed

For happily obvious reasons, last night’s post-game press conference was completely different to those after all other games so far this season. Coach Riley was as usual the first person to face the media, and it was good to see him smiling as he talked about how happy he was for his players and coa…

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It Ain't Over....


“I guess we found out it’s not over ‘til it’s over”.

These were the first words out of a smiling Coach Riley’s mouth at the post-game press conference following Nebraska’s stunning one-point win against the number 6 team in the nation, the previously-undefeated Michigan State Spartans…

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Nocturnal Capers in Nebraska City

Watch for me tonight November 6 at 9pm on Fox 42 news!

Judging by the activity in the electronic and print media, it has been quite a week in Huskerland! Last Saturday’s unexpected defeat at the hands of the unheralded Boilermakers caused quite a reaction from fans all over the countr…

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Never-Say-Die Nebraskans

It could never be said that Nebraskans do not go out of their way to enjoy their football. Last Friday the Beatrice High School Orangemen travelled 225 miles in each direction out to McCook in western Nebraska to play their first round game of the Class B State Football Playoffs. In wet and muddy co…

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Cardiac Cornhuskers

Ok, I know I might not be the quickest on the uptake, not the brightest bulb in the batch, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and I might have a few kangaroos roaming loose in the top paddock, but after today I realized that it’s time to change careers. That’s right, you read it correctly – next …

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Homesteads and Hooper History

I crossed the Rawhide Creek yesterday on the way to Hooper, a small town of about 800 people on the Elkhorn River about 50 miles north-west of Omaha. The first thing I thought of was the 1960s TV show called “Rawhide” which had Clint Eastwood among its cast members as well as a memorable theme song …

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