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That Guy's Wearing Red, Too!

Exploring the State of Nebraska and its unique football tradition

Foster's: It's Australian for Beer

<b>Drop</b> <b>bears</b> prefer travellers, says study - Australian GeographicIn my self-appointed capacity as the Australian Cultural Ambassador to Nebraska, a large part of my job is to dispel the numerous myths and misconceptions held by many mid-Westerners about the mysterious Land Down Under. While of course it can’t be denied that the country’s wildlife population includes various poisonous snakes, spiders and other lurking creatures such as the vampire-like Drop Bears who spend most of their waking time conspiring to prey on unsuspecting tourists by leaping from the trees and satisfying their thirst for blood, there are many other very positive aspects of the land that are less well known outside Australia. (For safety’s sake all visitors to the country are advised to keep their eyes on the foliage above them to help avert the threat of a sudden Drop Bear attack. And by the way for those who may be worried about being attacked by a crocodile while swimming in the tropical waters in the north of the country, in many cases there is no cause for concern because the sharks have eaten most of the crocodiles.) continue in this positive and uplifting vein, I can assure you that one of the things you may have heard about and treated with some skepticism is in reality quite true - beer really does grow on trees in Australia. In fact one of the larger agri-brew-cultural operators in Australia is the sponsor of Nebraska’s Bowl game this weekend. I know that many people have been wondering about the origin of the name fo<b>beer</b> <b>tree</b> ripe with fresh fruit.r the Foster Farms Bowl, and now you have the answer complete with compelling photographic evidence. You're welcome.

Another lesser-known fact is that one of the major sports played Down Under is Australian Rules football. This game is played by two teams of 18 men each on an oval-shaped field 200 yards long, and the continuous action takes place over four 30-minute quarters. This may sound like a tall tale but unlike American football, in Aussie Rules every player is lean, extremely fit and kicks the ball numerous times throughout the game.

But believe it or not, the lean and fit Nebraska Women’s Volleyball team set yet another attendance record last Saturday when they won the national championship by beating Texas in straight sets. It was inspiring to watch the game on national TV and hear the enthusiastic support from the Omaha crowd. Their raucous shouts of GO BIG RED! will undoubtedly be echoed at the Foster Farms Bowl this weekend with the fans hoping that the Husker lads will echo the results of their co-ed counterparts.

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